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Self-doubt to self-belief

My story is about self-doubt and the debilitating effect it had upon my confidence. When I look back in my life my father was a humorous storyteller without seeing himself as such or believing he amounted to much. I guess I was a chip off the old block!

What challenge does this story focus on?

I have held some interesting and important roles, and even led an organisation as its CEO, but I have not often believed in myself or considered myself as all that skilled or competent. I am aware that this is a common feeling for many and perhaps an over familiar, ordinary, everyday type of story but everyone deals with it differently. My insight from my story is my take on it and the outcome.

How has this challenge affected you?

A gnawing sense that I’m not quite good enough! A fertile mind that informs me other people are commenting on how ineffective I am. Sometimes that has led to defensiveness and being captive in my own little world. Sometimes that has led to inertia although I’d like to describe or re-badge that as thinking time!

What has or is helping you to move forward with this challenge?

Being able to share and tell my story openly has been a marvellous way to make sense of the world. As I have got older I’ve become more contemplative and relaxed and this has certainly helped me put things into perspective. I have been blessed by many good friends too and it has been reassuring to listen to their stories, experience and wisdom.

What have you learnt as a result of this challenge?

I have learned that I have many strengths and it’s important for me to acknowledge this. Moreover, I continue to enjoy and learn from the abundance of strengths in others – my wife, family, friends and colleagues. We all have something to offer and receive in this world. We are gifted people.

How do you use this learning in your life now?

I feel quite relaxed about my life. Sure there are points along the way when moments of self-doubt creep in but I know that is part of the rich tapestry of life. As the old saying goes – ‘I’m not the same man I was and I’m not the man I’m going to be. I’m a work in progress.’Storytelling has been such an important part of my life. My father, whether he realised or not, was a good teacher! Sharing my thoughts and feelings through stories continues to be both helpful and illuminating, reminding me that the negative messages that the young teenage Dominic heard in the mid-1970s need not be the messages of my today.

What positive message would you like the reader to go away with?

Be authentic. Everyone has a unique and powerful story!

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