Articles from the My Amazing Story team.

Why overcoming your fears can transform your life

Everyone has their own fears. These fears could be of certain animals or actions, or it could even be something as deep as specific feelings. Whatever your fears may be, it could sometimes provide a physical or mental barrier and prevent us from achieving something. Take someone with a fear of public speaking as an […]

4 gifts to treat a loved one and help them through the January Blues

In the month of January, many may feel down and demotivated, perhaps experiencing an emotional rollercoaster. There are a few reasons why we feel this way, but one way to overcome this is through the act of gift-giving! Christmas and birthdays are not the only time of the year that gifts can be given. January […]

3 ways to beat the January Blues when going back to University, College or School

Are you still in education and already dreading the return after the holidays? Some of us may have already started education by now and are feeling demotivated. Unfortunately for some, the Christmas break may not have offered a chance to fully relax because of looming deadlines. Some may even have exams later on in the […]

3 ways to keep yourself energised in the lead up to Christmas

Do you enjoy the Christmas season? We understand that Christmas is not a day everyone always enjoys and that is perfectly fine. However, if you do enjoy celebrating Christmas and want to read about how to maximise the lead up to the day, then this blog is for you! We are rapidly approaching that time […]